electrical engineering

As a technical drawing office for electrical engineering we are able to offer the following services:

technical planning


For our customers we create, among other things, the assembly and execution plans which are sent to the assembly staff on construction site after approval.

We also draw in or digitize schemes, detailed drawings, apartment plans (e.g. for system books) and much more.

project management


In cooperation with executing electrical companies as well as some engineering partners we handle your projects from receipt of the order to commissioning or handover to the end customer.

We are also happy to process orders on your behalf.



We would be happy to take stock of the situation for you in the case of projects that involve the conversion of an existing system. This can often be very time-consuming and anything but resource-saving. In order to relieve your permanent staff we are happy to take care of a complete integration of the existing system.

draft planning


For the first draft or in order to be able to obtain cost estimates we create draft plans for our customers. You decide what extent the installation should be.



You probably know how time-consuming and laborious it can be to collect and proberly organize flawless documentation. We would be happy to support you and give you our hand. We compile your documentation both digitally and analogously in paper form.

electrical installation & diagnosis


In cooperation with a lot of electrical installation companies we are able to offer you an appropriate, professional and standard-compliant electrical installation as well as commissioning or acceptance by licensed electrical companies.

Our partners are not fixated on conventional electrical installatinos - they are also happy to support and install photovoltaic systems, BUS systems and even complex production systems for you.