fire protection

As your partner for fire protection concerns we allow us to offer the following services:


We are happy to prepare and check individual documents but also carry out selected checks.

We are happy to work out the following documents for you or to check any existing documents for completeness and legality:


-) escape plans

-) control plans

-) rescue plans

-) risk analysis

-) fire protection book

-) fire protection plans

-) inventory analysis

-) fire hazard analyzes

-) evaluation of the hazard potential

-) fire protection regulations incl. alarm plan

-) catalog of measures to remedy defects

-) evacuation regulations according to TRVB N 133

-) analysis of weak points in fire protection

-) and much more on request


We are happy to carry out the following activities for you individually or as an >external fire protection officer<:


-) keeping the fire protection book

-) monitoring of hot works

-) controls of potentially explosive areas

-) implementation of fire alarm and evacuation exercises

-) reporting to the management / administration 

-) visit in accordance with the applicable regulations regarding fire protectin controls

-) annual review of the fire protection regulations incl. additions

-) support in negotiations with authorities in fire protection matters

-) support in the preparation and planning of any fire brigade deployment

-) support in preparing for the recommended connection to the fire brigade (TUS)

-) implementation of the self-control based on relevant rules of technology (TRVB O119 und O120)

-) implementation of training courses or instruction of people in connection with fire protection

-) function tests (sec. lighting, smoke and heat extraction systems, signaling devices, vent. emergency switch, main shut-off devices, alarm systems, fire dampers etc. )

-) and much more on request